Residential and Commercial Tree Removal
Residential and Commercial Tree Removal
Tree Removal North York provides professional tree care and tree removal services across Greater Toronto. We specialize in residential and commercial tree pruning, hazardous tree removal and stump removal. We take a comprehensive approach towards caring for your trees through out the growing season. More than just chopping off branches, we also take a closer look at your tree’s health. Our job includes monitoring growth, watching out for insects and diseases. We also make sure that your trees do not pose a risk to you and your property.

Tree removal can be dangerous and complicated especially without the proper tools and training. There are special considerations to think about such as the location, surrounding areas, and the tree itself. DIY-ers sometimes decide to prune or remove the tree themselves, but we do not recommend it. A trained professional will be able to assess the strength of each branch and come up with a safe removal process. All this while ensuring there is minimal to no damage to surrounding healthy trees and other flora.
Reasons for Hiring a Tree Removal Service Expert
Damaged and rotting trees can become a hazard in your home or commercial property. In this case, these trees need to be removed. Waiting longer only increases the risk of falling branches. If the tree in question is infected with disease or infestation, it can also affect surrounding plants that are otherwise healthy.

While trimming the occasional shrub or hedge can be no problem for home gardeners, tree cutting and removal is best left for professionals. It is far quicker, safer and frankly less hassle. There are special harnessing, pruning and cutting techniques needed to get the task completed successfully.

Tree Removal North York is an expert in residential tree and shrub care that you can count on. With the help of skilled staff, we take precaution and implement measures to prevent unnecessary damage to surrounding area. This is our main goal each time we carry out this kind of job.

When removing a tree or stump is a necessity, we conduct this job in a safe, proficient, and efficient manner. We use proper equipment and tools for safety, quality results, and cost-efficiency. This is how we get things done right the first time – and all the time.
Commercial Tree Removal and Tree Cutting Service
Our commercial clients rely on us for expert tree cutting service, as well as tree pruning, cutting, and stump removal services. We clear the area for building projects, prevent damage to building structures and provide valuable tree care.

Tree removals may also be needed when the landscapes are crowded, which means the trees nearby can no longer grow and thrive. We will work closely with you to help you determine the trees that are healthy, as well as those that are sick and dying. This way, we can help you decide in carrying out tree removal in your area.

During our visit to survey your property, we check for any problem that may be present. For instance, there may be building structures, power lines, and certain obstructions that will need the use of specialized tools and equipment. With our modern tools and sophisticated techniques, we perform tree work the best way possible.

We offer a comprehensive health care program for your trees and shrubs geared towards ensuring the health and beauty of your landscape.
Tree Removal North York – Always At Your Service
We understand that a tree removal service can be a matter of urgency at some point. This is why we do not make you wait once you have contacted us for your needs. The moment you make that call or once you visit us for a tree removal service, we will immediately come to your property to accomplish this job for you.

Tree Removal North York has been in the industry for 15 years. We possess a comprehensive training and knowledge in this task, which makes us reliable for this job. Moreover, we are aware of code requirements and legal aspects involved in the tree removal industry. You can be sure that by contacting us, we will complete the job without any issue on the side. From start to finish, we get the problem solved as efficiently as possible!

We offer tree removal, tree cutting, pruning and stump removal services for residential and commercial clients in various locations including Markham, Thornhill, Toronto, East York, North York, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Aurora, Mississauga, Keswick, Scarborough, and Newmarket.

Reach out to us through our contact page or call us at 647-557-5136. Whether it is a hazardous tree removal or a less complex tree removal issue, we will get the job done effectively.


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