Tree Removal East YorkOnce a tree is sick or damaged, it is most likely to pose a serious threat to your property and the surrounding areas. An unhealthy tree branch can easily break off and fall causing roof damage and at times even injury and harm. For cases like this, there’s only one solution – you need a certified arborist. We offer comprehensive tree care services including dangerous tree removal East York and neighboring cities.

Tree Removal North York offers a wide range of tree care services in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide routine tree cutting and pruning, stump removal and grinding and our specialty, hazardous tree removal. We are here to clear your yard and give you peace of mind.

Experienced Tree Removal Service

The professional team at Tree Removal North York has 15 years of experience in the business. We have performed hundreds of tree removals over the years. With the use of advanced equipment and up-to-date techniques, we safely remove dead and unwanted trees from your property. If you have a tree encroaching your yard space or close a power line, we are the professionals to call. We will make sure there are no damages incurred to your property and the surrounding areas.

Aside from removing the tree safely, we  do our best to reduce impact to nearby areas and vegetation. We offer a thorough cleanup right after the job to leave the area neat and organized. That’s less task off your list!

Achieve a cleaner, fresher, brighter outdoor space without any safety risk. Your yard will be a much better looking and safer place.  Contact Tree Removal North York for removal, cutting, stump removal, and other tree care services. We are here to provide superb services to clients in East York including nearby locations such as Vaughan, Scarborough, Toronto, and Markham.